Sangeet Vanutsav or Forest Music Festival

From October 24 (Dussehra) to October 29, (Sunday, full moon), we have our annual VANUTSAV, or Forest Festival, an occasion many of us look forward to — for meeting friends, old and new, from far and near.

This year, we are planning to have a ‘SANGEET VANUTSAV’ or Forest Music Festival! Especially over the last two full moon days (weekend), we will be treated to our heart’s content with divine folk and classical music by some wonderful artistes. Already confirmed are: Shruthi Vishwanathan (folk singer), and Yuji Nakagawa (classical Sarangi).

The VANVADI VANUTSAV is an open-agenda, multi-generational celebration of nature and community. The participants themselves offer any sessions (workshops / discussions / activities), which are announced on a big chart paper. Usually on offer are a wide range of interesting activities and subjects, appealing to all age groups. People attend whatever they like, or just laze/stroll around, chatting and enjoying themselves.

Workshop on Natural Plasters

December 2023 (TBD)
Wall plasters are like our 4th skin after (i) our biological skin, (ii) the clothes we wear, and (iii) the walls of our dwellings.
Natural plasters, unlike modern plasters, allow for better breathing. They are also eco-friendly, have antifungal properties, provide effective insulation, and can absorb moisture, releasing it gradually to provide an evaporative cooling effect. They are free of the toxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in modern plasters and paints that continue to adversely affect respiratory health over years.
Materials like mud, lime serve as the flesh of the natural plasters, binding other materials. For example, natural fibres like straw, cow dung, neem leaves, fenugreek seeds, etc. Natural plasters use non-toxic colouring agents like natural ochres, dyes, and oxide pigments.

The 3-day workshop is a collaborative initiative of ASDC Naturophilia Agrotech Pvt. Ltd and Vanvadi ( You can expect to learn about the building elements, types of plasters, basics of natural plastering, including how to plan and choose necessary techniques and components, different types of additives, along with hands-on execution using different plastering tools.

We will be guided through the entire process by an experienced architect and a biologist who will share their knowledge and techniques. Practical sessions will include the exquisite Japanese art of making Dorodango – shiny balls of mud; also hands-on sessions of mud plastering with suitable oxide dyes.
The experience — in the verdant ambience of a lush, naturally regenerated forest with flowing streams — will hopefully deepen our understanding of a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.